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Welcome to Salazar Games! We are a beginning freelance game-design company consisting of nine excellent game designers. We are based in Sonoma County, California. We have many projects in progress, most of which will be released at a later date.
Check us out in the future for more updates!

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Noah Picard
Game Designer/CEO

The CEO of Salazar Games, who works collaboratively with the other designers to create projects such as Bounty. Mainly involved in broad game design and programming. Also manages the website, along with an eclectic music blog, Drop The Fire.
Projects: Project Homeworld, Bounty, Smiley TD, Block Finder, Hex Wars, BDuke, Grid Grab, Tetro, Skull Ball, Swinger, Swirl, and SG Vector Pack.

Noah Dove
Game Designer/Programmer

Sprite design, code, code efficiency control. The formatting fascist; the indentation autocrat; the bringer of braces{} and producer of parentheses(); the unmaker of the unnecessary else-clause. Very fluent in Java. Less so in C++ and C#. Denies the validity of Game Logic due to an actual scientific understanding of how things work. Ultimate ambition is to translate all of our (good) games into LWJGL/OpenGL (Java) for performance and religious reasons. Will find you and all your bunnies.

Projects: Project Homeworld, Bounty, Metal v.2_01, and Asteroids.

Julian Gold
Game Designer/Level Designer

Plays a wide variety of games and really likes maps and level design. Does Tect level design for Bounty and is working on various other personal projects. Usually goes by ArchonofFail or Tassadar online.

Projects: Bounty, Rebound Rumble.

Parke Bowman
Concept Artist/Sprite Designer

Attempts to add some darker elements to the games story.

Projects: Bounty.

Game Designer/Programmer

Likes programming strategy and 3D games. Currently working on a sci-fi FPS RPG with Sky Boy. Fluent in Java and GML, knows some Python, C# and C++ Programs programs that make other programs. Wrote the scripts for buttons, inputs, and other interface found in many GML games. Founder and CEO of Azb Technologies Corp.

Projects: Project Homeworld, Bounty, Imperial Commander II, and Star Fighter Beta.

Tile Editor

As the title suggests, is the one who edits the tiles of a few of the games. Also makes some... games, with GameMaker.

Projects: Bounty, Awesome_Quest, Avoider.

Level Designer

Designs levels in large projects, and playtests games for bugs.

Projects: Bounty.

Sky Boy
Game Designer/Programmer

An indie game dev who likes to program/play indie games. Working on the Aurora Game Engine/Editor. Current tools: C++, SDL, OpenGL, and Qt.
Follow him on twitter:
Projects: Bounty, Star Wars Battlefront 0.3.2.

Michael Gibson

Write programs to make things work, such as bosses, traps, and movement. Has been experimenting with animation in C#. Current Tools: C#, GML, Java, C++

Projects: Project Homeworld, Bounty.

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